10 Foods Made in China You Must Avoid (Filled with Plastic and Pesticides)

In McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, and other fast food chains all offer snacks, meals, and desserts, but they are not 100%-real food. That’s why they make their menus so cheap. There are some food items after food items that are made of plastic that are dishing out by China.

China’s Plastic Food

You may have heard about China’s plastic rice manufactured back in 2011. According to the research, it says that China was selling rice made entirely of plastic to other nations without ever warning of its non-food-like qualities. So, there can be sure some other foods that China has manufactured with plastic. China is one of America’s biggest food suppliers, so, here is a list for more information on foods you should avoid:

Apple Juice

70% of the apple juice consumed by Americans is imported from China and China is the largest pesticide producing country in the world and has yet to address chemical or pesticidal affects on food. According to the studies, there are high levels of toxic arsenic in many of the most popular apple juice brands. So, it is better to avoid consuming apple juice altogether rather than making at home.

Industrial (Table) Salt

China is one of the top salt manufacturers on this globe. In every year, China produces 90 million pounds of salt and 91% of that is not safe for human consumption as it is mixed with metals and other toxic substances. Over a decade, this industrial salt has been sold as table salt.

Fish, Cod, and Tilapia

Approximately 50% of America’s Cod and 80% of America’s Tilapia comes from China and they are very commonly farmed in China. But Chinese fish farmers won’t even let their own families eat the fish they farm due to toxicity and as Tilapia is possibly the worst, most toxic fish you can find, as it eats absolutely everything and lives in pools of wastewater. Cod is also the same as they live in own waste before farming. They also sell things labeled as ‘Cod Fish’; even they are not fish at all.


China is importing up to 31% of America’s garlic. Because of China’s nonexistent pesticide laws, their garlic is heavily treated with rodent-killing pesticides. They even do not scrub the crops before importing to your grocery store.

Chicken or beef

China also sells diseased or contaminated meats. And, Chinese meat shops have been known to mix pork, paraffin wax, industrial salt, and chemicals only to label them as “beef.”

Black Pepper

China sells a mixture of floor and mud labeled as black pepper.


Mushrooms are also loaded with pesticides. Chinese farmers spray their mushrooms with preservatives to make old mushrooms appear fresh.

Baby formula

China takes inexpensive or defective formula packages and resells them under the reputable brand names. They hovered and sent out a recall as the China Food and Drug Administration didn’t want to cause the people to panic.

Green peas

They sell pesticides and artificial peas. They pump out light green things that are covered in preservatives and then marketed as vegetables.

Plastic Rice

This goes without saying after the incident in 2011.


Because of China’s lack of initiative in regard to food laws it has caused terrible conditions. Many Chinese people won’t even allow the food they have farmed to reach their family’s dinner table as they are all poisons. So, Americans should be wake up now, it’s time to stop consuming poisons.

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