Your Kids Don’t Owe You For Parenting Them As They Didn’t Ask To Be Born

They shouldn’t wait on your hand and foot even though they should treat you with respect and show you that they appreciate you. We think that our kids have to do everything we ask of them. But that’s just not realistic.

Even though you brought your kids into the world, it doesn’t mean that you own them. They shouldn’t be treated as if they’re property. Even if parenting is hard and doesn’t come with instructions, don’t be hard on your kids. You should try your best to make their lives better.

Don’t lash out and yell at your kids when you’re frustrated and getting worked up, just give them space. Walk away from that situation and come back when you’re calmed down. Instead of making things worse, talk about things when you’re both able to do.

When your children disrespect you, you might be quite angry at them. But it’s not something you should immediately freak out about. It may come from a place grounded in truth. May be you’re not respecting the people you helped make, and they too are feeling as if things need to change.

Finding a good balance between being tough and being fun is one of the hardest things about being a parent. You like if your kids grow properly and flourish in all areas including their emotional world. It’s not good if they are bottling things or going through life feeling like they have no one to talk to.

When you were younger, you may remember how hard your parents made things for you. Don’t repeat them with your own children. You need help your children move through life from a place of healing and compassion, not from a place of anger and distance.

We can learn how unique the process can be through growing up ourselves. Nothing is the same for any of us and we all go through experiences that we might not be able to find words to describe. They will lash out as they get older when you treat your kids as possessions. They will fight to prove to you that they are their own people.

Don’t force your children to live the life you wanted to live but didn’t get the chance to. Let them make their own choices and see where their creative minds take them. They can do a lot more than you might think.

The video below will give you more insight on this topic. Even though we made them and we love them, they are still human beings with minds of their own. We should give them the space to live on their own thoughts.

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