Your Birth Order Says A Lot About Your Personality. It’s So True!

Your birth order is affecting your personality. We all know these 4 stereotypes of birth order personalities: the only child always has trouble in sharing his or her feeling, the oldest child is always bossy, the youngest ones are naughty and spoilt and the middle and the middle is in the middle. Here is each birth order and its characteristics.

Oldest children

The oldest children are natural leaders. Others often visit them and by automatically they assume a leadership role. Parents are strict with first-born children and they want them to “set an example” for younger siblings.

First-born children tend to…

  • They become reliable, conscientious and perfectionists and they don’t like surprises.
  • They have a big pressure and have more goals to meet.
  • They are compliant people, pleasers, even though they are typically aggressive.
  • They don’t much like to travel or be physically daring.

Middle-born children

They are stuck in the middle. They tend to think that their older siblings have all the benefits and the younger’s in the family are spoiled and receive special attention. The modern-born children are skilled at compromising and getting along with others.

Middle-born children tend to…

  • They know the value of meaningful bonds. They also know how to compromise and adapt easily to any situation.
  • As they are used to deal with both elder and younger ones they can usually read people well.
  • They have a different talent than other siblings.
  • They become the most varied of all of the birth.
  • They don’t share their thoughts or feelings.

Last-born children

They are known as the “baby” of the family. They like if others do things for them, make decisions, and take responsibility.

Last-born children tend to…

  • They are outgoing & socialized well. They are manipulative sometimes too.
  • They are inferior to siblings & considered spoiled, demanding, or impatient.
  • They become the most creative one and also they can be rebellious.
  • They have abilities that older siblings don’t have.

Only child

You feel the pressure to achieve if you are an only child. Only children are often considered to be self-centered as they are getting undivided attention from parents.

Only children tend to…

  • They become more responsible, well-organized, perfectionists and imaginative.
  • They become comfortable with responsibility.
  • They don’t take criticism well.
  • They feel comfortable with being the center of attention.
  • They are seen to be more in nature than others.
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