You, Will, Want To Eat These mesmerizing ‘ice cream tulips’

Tip Toe Through The Tulips!

We all take time to smell the flowers and enjoy life’s little blessings. Wow, it’s beautiful to see the bottled bulbs explode from every tree to every shrub. We will be enchanted by the magic of Springtime and enjoy an epic tulip festival.

image – Flickr/Yuanxi Zhou

People gather in fields of tulips to ring in Spring all of around the world.

Even though quarantine has hold on all of the Spring festivities, we can still cherish them from afar. A special tulip has captured the hearts of all flower lovers. “Ice cream” tulip is real. You’ll wonder if it’s photoshopped or some other thing.

We just can’t stop looking at this ice cream tulip as it is as real.

image -Instagram/tulip_ice_cream

The flowers look life if someone just scooped vanilla ice cream right on top. A tulip usually has about 6 petals but this ice cream tulip has doubled the petal amount. We can see it like a tulip ate a peony and now they live in holy matrimony.

If we could smell it in real life, you will definitely want to eat.

The company Vertuco BV first bred these ice cream tulips in 1999. The tulip species are diverse as they come in many colors and some even look as if they’ve been tie-dyed or hand-painted. This ice cream tulips also one of the species.

Just imagine you are skipping through a field of cream.

That dream can become a reality. You also can visit to see these tulips just after the quarantine is over. Ice cream tulips can be found all over the world including Canada, The United States, Netherlands, New Zealand, India, England, Australia, and many other places.

There are also seeds  you can buy and grow them in your very own backyard.

The ice cream tulip will give us a sweet tooth.

Maybe we can even have a personal ice cream tulip garden. You will want to have your own as these beauties are just too precious. You can make those dreams a reality and see them every day.

Tulip festivals are sure to have a collection of these rare ice cream tulips.

This ice cream tulip has makes us want to see them so quickly.

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