You Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident – 6 Types of Cosmic Connections

We should always remember that everything happens for a reason and we never meet anyone by coincidence.

Whatever happens in your life has a meaning and it will show you the way where you should be. Synchronicities for those who do not know are essentially ‘meaningful coincidences.’ In our lifetime we meet several types of people and that begins a chain reaction. The synchronistic connection can be occurring in many forms.

Everyone who comes to our lives has a lesson to teach us. Whether we realize it or not, we all learn from one another. Some tear us apart and some grow with us. Here are 6 common kinds of people who are coming to our lives and these are all synchronistic connections.

6 Types of Synchronistic Connections:

  1. Those who come to remind you

This kind of people come to our lives and reminds something that’s very important to us. They evoke knowledge within us and help us to understand it. They will remain in our lives as marked souls whether they stay with us or not.

  1. Those who make you grow

They are like teachers, they teach us to be the best version of ourselves. They stay with us when we need them most and teach us who we are and who we are meant to be.

  1. Those who are here to stay

They’ll remain with us forever and help us when we most need them becoming our support system. They’ll build a strong relationship with you and you’ll have far too many to count experiences with them.

  1. Those who come to awaken you

They’ll shake our reality. There are some people that we wish we had never met but learned a lot from them, so they are them. When we are growing negativity is important. The Universe will decide what wants in our lives, as it knows what you can do and cannot.

  1. Those who hold space for you

They come to our lives for a mere moment, but make you feel you are so alone in this world. You may only share few words with them but they are clever at making and impact when you need one the most.

  1. Those who are meant to leave

They are not staying with us for long. They are in your lives to teach you a lesson as a negative impact. They are like the people who come to your life and make you fall in love and break your heart.

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