You Can Feel Your Partner’s Heartbeat From Anywhere In The World With This Special Ring

In this modern world, we can talk to our loved one with just clicking some buttons no matter where we go with the help of Skype, FaceTime, email, text, and in all sorts of ways. But they all cannot take the place of them actually being with us. Here’s an innovative ring that allows you to feel your partner’s heartbeat and it might lessen just a bit the pain of being so far apart from your partner. You can feel their heart beating at any time you wish no matter the distance between you.

This special ring allows you to feel your partner’s heartbeat from anywhere in the world

This was created by TheTouch, and it is named as HB Rings. Most of these rings are made from stainless steel, but there are also in rose gold variety. All rings have a Unibody sapphire crystal surface, so, they won’t get scratched.

To make this work you have to connect to an app via Bluetooth and tap the ring after connecting to data or Wi-Fi. Then, you can feel your lover’s heartbeat in real time. These rings are not only a commitment to your loved one, they actually connect you through your heartbeats, and this ring has the power to give comfort when you have to be apart.

If you want them you can pre-order now by TheTouch website. Check out their Facebook page here for more information or updates about the rings.

It is very difficult to connect with long-distance relationships.  But, this ring will make you feel like your loved one is right there with you. You can be close as you can get to the real deal even if it doesn’t take the place of them actually being beside you. Even if texting and Skype can work too, but they don’t allow you to actually feel your loved one’s presence like the HB ring does.

The rings make them incredibly user-friendly and versatile by having 160 hours of standby time, as well as 14 hours of active time. You can feel your lover’s heartbeat for as long as you wish with this long-lasting battery. There are six sizes in these rings, so you will hopefully find the ring that fits you perfectly.

By choosing from one of two charger boxes you can make sure you keep your rings charged up and ready to go.

We like to always connect in real life to our favorite people as we live in the digital age now. You can feel your partner or loved one there with you with these rings.

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