World’s Leading Psychiatrist Reveals 22 Rules That Will Change Your Life For The Better

A leading scientist, a popular and practical psychologist, an author of more than 30 books on the topic and more than 5 million books sold around the world, is Mikhail Litvak. He shares some meaningful advices on how to live life to the fullest and take the best advantage. He’s a psychotherapist and psychologist, author and a doctor of science. He’s born in Russia.

Here are his advices on how to improve your life to become more successful and have a fulfilling relationship:

1. Don’t chase happiness because you won’t find it in other people and material things – it’s in YOU. Learn to develop your abilities and reflect back on your achievements because that’s the only road to happiness.

2. If you’re satisfied with yourself and you know you’re good, smart, and worthy, you won’t find it necessary that other people think or say the same things about you.

3. If you want something really bad, don’t wait around and don’t ask for someone’s permission to have or do it. Make sure you’re the one who have control over that.

4. A mature person possesses knowledge and knows how to put it in action. An immature one often has knowledge but doesn’t know how to wisely and effectively use it so as to achieve what they want and better themselves. That’s why, immature people criticize others and the mature ones don’t.

5. Make sure you plan your actions and organize your life well and happiness will follow as a result.

6. Nobody throws away another person from their life. They only move forward faster than others and those that are left behind consider themselves rejected.

7. It’s impossible to please every single person. Trying to do so will only make you feel uncomfortable and emotionally drained.

8. If someone did you a favor and helped you and they’re trying to make you feel guilty or grateful for that, make sure you pay off their services and let go of them.

9. Someone who doesn’t have any good qualities and accomplishments of their own will inevitably start criticizing and speaking bad things about others.

10. Depression is horrible, harmful, and hard, no doubt. Yet, it enables you to look into the depths of your soul, think about yourself, and realize the things that are pushing you forward or pulling you back.

11. Talking to your friends and all the people you hold dear is nice and fun. On the other hand, talking to your enemies is useful. It makes you more aware of your flaws and bad habits. It helps you learn things about yourself.

12. If you enjoy daydreaming, then make sure you only fantasize about goals and dreams that can be achieved. Keep your dreams real because otherwise, you’ll lose your focus and get frustrated if you fail to achieve an unrealistic goal.

13. Spending your time reading a good book is always better and more beneficial for you than talking with a shallow person.

14. Don’t dig into other people’s lives. Instead, dig into something you’ll benefit from, such as science and philosophy.

15. If you want to find out who your greatest enemy is, just look in the mirror. Once you face him/her, all the other enemies will be defeated as well.

16. There will always be those who will criticize and insult you. Yet, you shouldn’t pay attention to it. Remember that the day you finally accomplish your goals, all the criticisms and insults won’t mean anything to you. They’ll simply vanish.

17. There’s only one reason why you should quit your job and end your relationships, be that emotional or otherwise, – the inability to grow personally and professionally.

18. Don’t be afraid to talk with people, especially when you meet someone for the first time. They might actually think favorably of you.

19. If you experience loneliness after a break – up, don’t take this as a negative thing. It means you’re growing emotionally and spiritually. Moreover, it enhances your productivity.

20. There’s no such thing as feminine or masculine logic. There’s only the ability to be wise and think rightly.

21. Your happiness grows when you share it with other people and make them happy. Share your joy with your enemies, too, and let them know you feel better than them.

22. Last but not least, learn to live for yourself by not feeling the need to constantly prove yourself to other people. Otherwise, you’ll spend your life living for others.

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