Women Are Ditching Hair Dye For Their Natural Gray Hair In The Coolest Power Move

If a person can entirely accept themselves as they are in all their glory and imperfection, it’s really inspiring. We rarely feel free and feel accepted as we live in a changing world filled with new concepts, fresh ideas, and seemingly daily embraces for new kinds of people. We also don’t get the chance to feel unconditionally love about ourselves. In order to ‘fix’ us, there’s always a new product or procedure. Women everywhere are ditching hair dye in order to embrace their natural gray hair despite this social and mental battleground. This is something we all see from a long time.

Women Are Embracing Themselves & Their Hair

You can’t stay without caring about your appearance. There are some people who grow up in loving homes filled with encouraging parents, and also some people who live with the opposite experience. But, the both ends of this experiential spectrum can end up in the same consequence. Anyone can still end up struggling with their self-image regardless of one’s background. The difficulty of accepting themselves or feel pressure to “fit in” with social norms and idealistic expectations they have. We don’t want anything else when everyone is constantly assaulted with beauty treatments, clothing trends, product ads, and more to help us look ‘better’.

They feel pressed to act a certain way, look a certain way, or change themselves to fit a mold no matter how confident someone appears. The way you look like and what you have and what kind of a person you are is really matter in our materialistic America. They want to see someone wholeheartedly embrace their natural self and that’s not the only reason it’s inspiring.

Symbolization of Letting Gray Hair Show

Every person is beautiful. It’s admirable when they embrace that beauty in the face of possible rejection. The prison doors of social expectations shatter when people admit who they are unapologetically in the face of resistance and a history of opposite assumptions. Ever person is inspired by acceptance. People like to make that step themselves. Other people also inspired when someone is willing to celebrate who they are, what they look like, and the weird things that bring them joy.

These beautiful women are saving money on trips to the salon by ditching hair dye in order to show off their natural gray. These older ladies are fed up with social norms. Women don’t need to cover up and shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed by the gray hairs on their heads. These ladies are brave enough and to celebrate themselves, their hair, and their life in the face of questions and leers. They inspire other women to resist social expectations and embrace their hair color, eye color, body shape, shoe size, or whatever. These women are choosing to love themselves while social media, magazines, and social norms are all clamoring for them to “hide their gray hair.”

These beautiful ladies are not a sign of shame or old age with their grey hair. They prove that they have lived a happy life and are a determined celebration of life. Just check out the video and make your own decision.

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