Most of the women in western society cover their gray hair with dye or a wig, to represent a youthful façade. They believe that gray hair depicts ugliness, poor health, and irrelevance. But, an author, entrepreneur, and neuroscientist, Sara Sophia Eisenman rejects these standards and shared her beautiful silver tresses and experience of ‘going gray’ in social media.

A New Attitude Towards Gray Hair

There’s a powerful new perspective to the quarrel between gray hair and beauty by Sara Sophia Eisenman who is 43-year-old and who lives in Sedona, Arizon. She has around 16K followers on Instagram. She shares her most beautiful photos of her enjoying life with gray hair on social media. She looks young and healthy with her silver curls. 

According to Sara Sophia, her hair turned to silver almost completely overnight at the age of 21. She started dye her silver hair as she saw her mother’s struggle with gray hair. But, it brought a unique set of struggles upon her. She was ashamed when she found others seeing her roots or the ring of dye left on her skin after a coloring. She continued this for 15 years and finally she realized there is no point to cover her gray hair. So, she decided to change her perception. Sara Sophia writes on her website, “I started to see my shiny silver roots as beautiful: an exquisite and profound symbol of the divine feminine, not ugly or shameful at all.”

Acceptance of Grey Hair and Spiritual Wellness

She has even grown to include a spiritual oath with her appreciation for her natural gray hair. Sarah wrote that “In vowing my hair to the Divine (aka, the highest good) in the Nazarite oath, I have agreed to cleanse/purify my hair of all energetic connections that do NOT serve life beginning with my own.” She said that Nazarite oath improves her hair (length and thickness) and ability to live a true, authentic life in her new book Splendo. 

Gray Hair as an Indicator of Illness

The grey hair is not unforeseen by most people as a normal part of the aging process. But it can depict an underlying illness or medical condition. Gray hair can be instated due to nutritional deficiencies in vitamin B12 or cyanocobalamin, copper, iron, and protein can. The people who are vegetarians and who are with gastrointestinal disorders are commonly suffering from vitamin B12. Hyper- or hypothyroidism, the premature aging syndromes of progeria and pangeria, autoimmune disease, HIV, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, allergic rhinitis, hay fever, and bronchial asthma is linked with the early-onset graying. The grey hair can be accelerated due to stress, smoking, substance abuse, and specific medications too. You need to seek immediate medical treatments when you have these conditions. 

This would continue in the future too. But people also can adopt as Sara Sophia who has the potential to alter this practice. This can change how women see their bodies.

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