Why You Should Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby On The Lips!

Once you become a parent, you do everything to protect your newborn baby even if others say you’re overprotective.

You’ll say no within when your friends’ children visit to see your baby even they have a cold or when you go for a playdate in the park, and some kid has a cough and green snot running at full steam from both nostrils still come near your baby.

You’ll think that, stay home if your children are sick, don’t come near the baby and cuddle or kiss as you definitely don’t want to get your child sick. You have to work and no time to spend a week caring vomiting children and you’ll also end up in sick too.

These may also seem as nothing serious to you and they’re also moms that run every day to the doctors to protect their children from germs. It’s a common fact that we cannot keep our children in a bubble forever.

You may have heard before the story of the UK mom Claire Henderson and her newborn daughter Brooke. The baby has developed the herpes virus on her lips; cheeks and chin and spent five days in a hospital after the baby was kissed on her mouth. But she was lucky to survive.

It was said last year in Queensland that this virus can be fatal for babies under 3 months.  A newborn baby Eloise Lampton has affected this virus and couldn’t survive the virus.

Claire Henderson wrote on social media after what happened to her baby girl saying that: “The moral of the story is DO NOT let anyone kiss your newborn’s mouth; even if they don’t look like they have a cold sore”

So, don’t go to see a newborn baby if you’re cold, because they are really unimmunized, helpless and even defenseless.

Most importantly, why would you kiss her on her lips?

Newborn children are unimmunized for six months against the germs, so they should be in really caring manner. Even though a runny nose or a sore throat may seem to you harmless, it could mean the difference between life and death to that baby and to that baby’s family.

So we should be away from the baby as he also needs to have good health.

Rather than politely agreeing your friends or neighbors visit and deal with the consequences which can be fatal, be comfortable to say that you can visit the baby after baby’s six-week shots.

We should also stop looking the parents who wrap their babies in a cotton wool and paranoid parents, as it’s the best and right thing to do.

It’s your responsibility to overprotect your baby because they have the right to live a healthy life and it’s all your responsibility.  No one will make you feel guilty for doing that.

So, remember don’t allow sick children to be near your baby or kiss them on their lips.

When your baby’s life is at risk, you cannot afford being polite in any way.

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