Watch the Incredible Recovery of This Starving Two Year Old Boy Accused of Witchcraft

Remember this image?

This picture broke the web… and in light of current circumstances. This multi-year old kid from Nigeria was blamed for witchcraft and thus he was relinquished by his mom and father and left to starve. The lady envisioned is Anja Ringgren Loven, a prime supporter of African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation situated in Uyo, Nigeria.

At the point when Anja looked at this kid, she promptly began to watch over him as though he was her own and gave him the name Hope. Being a mother herself, her nurturing impulses rapidly assumed control.

Following eight months of meandering the boulevards alone and making due off of sustenance scraps, Anja brought Hope into the healing facility where he was offered the drug to expel the worms from his gut and day by day blood transfusions to give him more red platelets.

After only two months, Hope made an inexplicable recuperation and is currently glad and sound. Take a gander at that grin!

Anja raised more than 1 million dollars after the first picture of her and Hope became a web sensation.

“With all the money we can give Hope the best treatment and now build a medical clinic and save many more children from torture! It’s just so big! The building must be called HOPE CLINIC”- Anja

Sadly, a great many youngsters are being blamed for witchcraft and many are tormented and even slaughtered as a result of it. Anja and her significant other David Emmanuel Umem have fabricated their own shelter for kids like Hope, where they give sustenance, water, medicinal care and parcel’s of LOVE. They at present nurture more than 35 kids every one of them have been blamed for witchcraft and left for dead.

You can help by giving to their philanthropy, the African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF) here.

“Our values consist of showing sheer compassion, care and love for those who need it the most and through that create confidence. Where there is love, there is life.”-Anja

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