Vintage Volkswagen Beetles Transformed Into Adorable Minibikes By This Designer

It’s nice to watch Brent Walter zip around on these little mini bikes.

One of the most positive ways to make a trend go viral for all the right reasons is upcycling. Designer Brent Walter transforms old Volkswagen Beetles into a totally different kind of transport. He has dubbed his design the Volkspod with the iconic curves of the VW Bug. The final result is innovatively using the fenders and watching Walter zip around on these little scooters is amazing. 

These Volkspods are with an oversized headlight and wide handlebars and a Schwinn seat. The VW logo is emblazoned on the front of each of the minibikes while having a really good bicycle vibe. The bikes have a 79cc engine. The original colors of the VW Beetle, Walter reinforces their vintage vibe with their birch green and pastel blue paint jobs. During World War II , the VW Bugs were produced in large numbers in Germany and stopped finally in 2003. 

It has a truly exclusive feel to it. The design has only one seat and no room in the back for another so far. This too could have attached seating on the sides similar to motorcycles during the early years. This is the best match for the countryside. It’s a good idea for rural families to make use of these minibikes to get around.

Many Volkswagen’s vehicles have been upcycled into something great. The brand has turned into many types of automobiles from RV Hybrids to Electric Cars. However the vintage Beetle remains a true symbol of the brand’s unique style and engineering. Their design continues to inspire many innovators like Walter even though they have been out of production for nearly two decades now.

As it is up-to-date with modern technology, there are no complaints about the engine. Because the size of it or the functionality some people might take issue with the handlebars. It was an upcycled product, so it’s great news for the environment. There are many benefits of upcycling. It also reduces the need for production using new or raw materials which means a reduction in air and water pollution aside from minimizing the volume of discarded materials and waste being sent to landfill each year. Upcycling can lead to creative individuals as it reduce the waste that goes to our landfills (recycling) and also turns a waste product into a new product of better quality. 

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