Using Trial Rooms Without Knowing These 5 Things Can Ruin Your Life

Shopping is the best part of everyone’s life. Shopping is also known as a mood changer as it has a calming effect on a few. Even though we are trying to see the stuff we have bought, shopping has its own peril. But we all should be very careful when we are trying new clothes in the trial room. Recently, there were reports of hidden cameras being installed in the store of a reputed brand, and it was not the first time and surely it won’t be the last. But we can be responsible and be aware of such mishaps and catch those evil-minded people by following certain steps. Here we have listed some quick and easy tips to ensure that you never again fall into such a trap and can look through the glass.

Make use of your phones

If there is a hidden camera inside a trial room the signal receptors in your phone would not work.

The next time you go to a trial room, remember to test on your new acquisitions and signals on your phone.

Here is a tried and tested method, if you see the signal on your cell, make a call and if the call connects then the trial room is safe for you to use.

Always remember to take your mobile phone into the trial room and make sure there’s a signal to make calls.

If there is a “Hidden Camera” you cannot make calls due to the interference of fiber optics during signal transfer which blocks mobile calls. If there’s not any interference to make a call, it’s a sign of a Camera free trial room.

The two-way mirror method

A glass which is literally see through on one side and is a mirror on the other side is a two-way mirror.

There will be just a little space between the reflection of your finger and the actual finger if the mirror is true, by making sure that all is well.

There will be no space at all if the mirror is two way. If you find them in trail rooms don’t afraid to report to the police.

Turn the lights quickly on and off

If you want to check the trial room is safety, this method is quite helpful.

By simply turning off the lights of the room for a few seconds you could just be ensure of your safety.

If you could see any red or green LED-like lights, then they are most likely to be those of a hidden camera placed by the store owner or staff who forgot to covers the signaling power-on lights with some obstruction to avoid detection.

Camera phones can be useful too

Using your smartphone similar to the way we click selfies just to make sure the outfit we are trying to buy fits in perfectly, you can turn the camera of your phone on and look around through it can help you see any infrared beams from night-vision cameras.

Check for the unnecessary things in the room

At the first second, you enter the trial room, you must look everywhere and see if anything seems a wee bit too out of place and which shouldn’t be in a trial room.

It indicates that they have bugged with a hidden camera if you find showpieces or other unwanted objects in the room.

So, make sure there is no hidden camera in the trial room, the next time you enter there.

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