Unusual And Rare Pictures Of Princess Diana.

Every day, some individuals have their photos taken and some may have their images shared online for everyone to view. Princess Diana, though, was the most photographed person of all.

She is known for being one of the most photographed individuals in history, so you have probably come across numerous images of her online or in different publications.

Many people are unaware that there are numerous pictures that were taken but not displayed on the Internet. Some of these pictures are rarely seen, but we have several of them available for you below.

An exquisite bride-to-be

Captured just before her big day.

After their honeymoon trip, the Prince and Princess enjoy a special moment together.

After Prince Charles confessed to being unfaithful, she donned a revenge dress.

Chatting with an Indian schoolgirl.

Having a great time at a polo match with the children.

The children held a special place in her heart.

Dancing alongside John Travolta at the White House.

Supporting unwell patients.

Freddie Mercury takes Princess Diana to a gay bar in secret.

Forever stylish.

She participated in a race for her son, ignoring Royal protocol.

Enjoying the outdoors..

Enjoying some skiing

Exploring the Western Isles in 1985.

An image capturing the stunning beauty of Princess Diana.

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