Top 5 Phones with the Highest Radiation

Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel released a new research saying that some cell phones may expose us to harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation.

Biochemical Journal published a study which says that even if we use specific cell phones for just 15 minutes it can cause brain cell changes associated with cancerous cell division.

“As of now, with only 10-12 years exposure, and use increased dramatically, there is a concern of the increase in brain cancer, related to use.”- Dr. John Bucher, Associate Director of the National Institutes of Health, National Toxicology Program.

He also illustrated that if children use certain cell phones their skull’s allow deeper penetration of radiation and could pose a greater risk.

Below are the top 5 phones with the highest radiation. Let us a comment below to know your thoughts!

Is there your phone on the list?

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