Three Youths Sprint To Help Shaky Older Couple While Cop Is Blown Away By Their Kindness

The trio: Freddy G, Marty, and Joc Koe Stoe, are rappers based in the city. They saw an elderly couple having a hard time getting back to their SUV, while these three picking up something to eat in the store. They didn’t stop for a while and the three dashed into the parking lot to help. Marty said to Fox 5, “She could have been my grandmother.”

After a doctor’s appointment in Orlando, Rose Griest, age 9, had gone on a long journey home. On the way, Rose and her husband, David, stopped at a gas station. The two men have stopped their cars at the first station and they were exhausted and were shaking when they returned to the SUV.

Rose seems low and had trouble using her Walker. They were lack of time to adjust easily and also were not strong.

A nearby officer, Kanesha Carnegie was ready to help the couple and suddenly saw the three people walking towards the couple.

Carnegie was surprised by the surprise and was noticed by the opportunities unlike what he did to help the elderly couple.

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