This Trick Will Instantly Calm A Crying Baby And It Works Like A Magic

If you can’t stop your baby from crying, Daniel Eisenman has the answer for you.

If you are also a newbie parent, you may find it really hard to get your baby to stop crying.

In the below video, Daniel Eisenman shows you how to put your baby to sleep. You should try at least one time to see it really that easy.

Every baby is different and some are just calmer and easier to put it more vividly. Even they have their time when nothing seems to please them and they just wouldn’t stop crying.

Here is Daniel’s way to soothe his crying baby– make the OM sound (a mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism) and there, your baby falls asleep, avada kedavra! It’s not called “sacred” for any reason!

Even though it is very cute, mimicking your crying baby may not be much helpful as you think. How he rubs his nose against the baby in the video is really adorable and it’s full of rushing emotions there.

The video is simply hilarious though it teaches to a lot of parents. The funniest part is that it is actually a short clip taken from this live feed on Facebook.

Daniel is an author and an inspirational speaker. So, he really has the talent to get under people’s skin. He also has his charm which appeals to masses. Many of us would be able to relate to it when considering this cute clip. He was just enjoying his time with his baby, but it was something of an amusement to others.

He claims himself as a freedom catalyst and a best example for this is the randomness of his approach. There are lots of videos of him and you could learn how to stop your crying baby by this video.

Thanks to Daniel Eisenman: The Freedom Catalyst for this amazing post. Make sure to follow him on his Facebook Page for more!

Also, make sure to buy his incredible book “Breaking Normal: ReWild Your Inner Child and Set the Truth Free”!

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