This Transparent Jigsaw Puzzle Driving People Crazy

This transparent jigsaw puzzle driving people crazy as it is really impossible to assemble.

In most of the countries, a lockdown has been announced and people stuck inside their home and they are left with nothing to do. People may read, make music or watch movies. Here’s a perfect way to scratch your brain while also killing time during your period of quarantine. Try to solve this transparent jigsaw puzzle. It has been driving people crazy as it is so difficult to assemble the last time we checked. You can test your puzzle-solving abilities for just $17. You may want to try it until all of this – the lockdown, the coronavirus – is over. You may spend all your time getting lost assembling the same without knowing that the pandemic has averted us. 

These transparent puzzles are already one of the site’s ‘bestsellers’ by being sold from the online store Etsy through a firm called LittleFlowerPotShop. The items have been sold-out and if you want it you need to pre-order and wait for a while for the confirmation. They are really popular and many sets have already been sold out with a rating of five out of five stars given by customers. This is called as the ‘Impossibly difficult CLEAR jigsaw puzzle for adults in multiple sizes | Puzzle Impossible: a really hard custom jigsaw puzzle.’ Each piece is made from ‘clear cast acrylic.’ This item also estimated wait time of ‘4 weeks before shipping’ and this too putting it ‘conservatively.’

There are various sets in these puzzles from easy to the most difficult. It is highlighted on the website, the different sets – ‘Nine pieces…These are best for the budding puzzle enthusiast (ages 10 and up, please). Takes an average adult <5 minutes to solve. Each piece is approx 2.’ Then there are the ‘Twenty-five pieces set in the same 5.75×5.75 square form factor. Each piece is approx 1 1/8,’the third set contains, “Forty-nine pieces…in the same 5.75×5.75 square”. If there are more pieces, it means each piece is getting still smaller and they can keep occupied for several hours. Each piece is approx 7/8.’ And lastly, the most difficult puzzle set has ‘one hundred and forty pieces’ where one could spend ‘just DAYS of fun assembling them. Each piece is approx 1/2.”

The description, “we really didn’t think anyone would rise to the challenge.” People are also proving them. There are glowing reviews for the product. Here’s the comment by George Platen who wrote on February 17: “Great product that is very ingenious in its design. There are some very clever tricks in the design that will definitely surprise and delight anyone who likes puzzles. But the seller is even better. One-of-the-good-ones who will go out of their way to make everything thing right if there are any hiccups with the order. (There was a big hiccup with my order and it was sorted instantly and without question). Another reviewer L N wrote this month: I only have 2 pieces together so far, but I’m loving this! Such a great idea and so well made. Great seller! I’m buying more as gifts.”

Chad Tinkey who is another satisfied customer wrote a review back on February 7 and gave it a five star. He stated:  “Wife loved this puzzle! Had a small issue with the original item, but the seller made it right immediately! Thank you!”

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