This Is What Happens When You Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

Do you give up on your dreams? Don’t let others destroy your dreams. You should fight for them until the end.

Seeing an overnight kid that wasn’t to be a runner or a tubby girl that wasn’t to be a ballerina isn’t unusual.

Some sports need precise body weight or height to do specific tasks. But if we want something very badly, and do everything we can do to achieve it can literally defy the laws of physics. If we want something nothing is impossible, not even becoming a ballerina to a tubby kid.

The video shows a tubby kid wants to be a ballerina and she has an immense desire to become a ballerina.

You can also see that she gets a huge support from her grandmother. Many people think that I ‘play’ on my computer before starting this website as they didn’t had support from home and anyone.

Here, the kid starts to make the dream a reality and she meets up with so many difficulties. The little, thin kids in her school judged her by her looks and laughing at her was her first difficulty in her journey. But, it wasn’t big enough to let her down.

This was the same thing happen to me in a different form on my past. They wanted me to go work at the bank and be in a suit if I want the “real job.” We all may have faced some kind of this situation. But, as we all know that suits and banks are not always “real work” in this current society.

The small kid was well supported by her grandmother and even reached National Competition.

You will never ever give up on your dreams after watching this video.

Thanks for WORD of LIFE for this amazing video.

If you love this video share with your friend and family to give a motivation to never give up on their dreams.

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