This Is The Finnish Island Across Four Seasons

Jani Ylinampa is a really talented photographer to capture breathtaking sunsets, beautiful forests, lakes and other wonders of nature.

He photographs the colorful Northern Lights and all the beauty that the environment offers. He has paid his attention this time to a small island named Kotisaari which is a small landmass that is accessible only by boat, in the town of Rovaniemi.  It is the protagonist of a photo set that shows the remarkable beauty of the island is all the four seasons from winter to spring, and summer to fall.

Ylinampa said, “The first time I took the photo of the island was in summer 2015 and I published it on my Instagram account in spring 2016. It went viral soon afterward and was shared on countless accounts on social media. That’s when I got the idea of taking photos of each season.”

According to the photographer, his pictures demonstrate that Lapland is more than just a winter wonderland. “There’s so much to experience especially during summer and autumn, with the midnight sun and the autumn northern lights; they’re better when there is yet no snow on the ground to reflect light.”

The power of nature s amazing and all we need is the right setting to make photographic magic happen.





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