This Incredibly Accurate Freudian Test Will Reveal What’s Hiding In Your Subconscious Mind

One of the major contributors to the psychology field is Sigmund Freud. He is considered as the father of psychology as his influence was so vast. Even though his theories were unconventionally controversial, a part of them was pretty invoking.

Freud was the original proposer of the idea of a subconscious and an unconscious mind. According to him, human behaviors, motives, and actions were all guided by what lies in his subconscious and more importantly, his unconscious.

There were some succeeding psychologists who tool fragments of his theory and worked on them, but there were also a couple of them who completely disregarded his theories. Freud didn’t care about what these psychologists believed, he still continues to awe-struck people with his ideas.

There’s just too many questions such as what guides our behavior, the reason why we think the way we think, what lies under all the conscious thoughts? Where do random thoughts come from if we aren’t aware of them at first?

As Freud firmly believed in his theories, they resulted in testing methods which still continue to be famous amongst the masses.

Try this Freudian Test in order to uncover what lies in your subconscious. It may be expose what you have been trying to avoid all along.

Grab a pen and a paper. Try to imagine the situations while you read through these questions and feel them.

01 You are peering into the sea. What do you feel?

02 You are in the forest. Your head is down. You’re walking in the forest while looking at the ground. Write down what you are feeling at this moment.

03 You observe seagulls fly above your head. How are you feeling now?

04 You are looking at running horses. How does it make you feel?

05 You are in a desert and there is a never-ending wall in front of you. You notice a hole in the wall and when you peak through it, you see an oasis. What are you going to do?

06 While you were wandering around the desert, you spot a jug full of water? What will you do now?

07 Its night and you get lost in the forest. Suddenly, you see a house with lights on. Think about the actions you will take.

08 There’s heavy fog and you are unable to see anything. What will be the first thing you will want to do?

Here are the answers.

01 It reflects your attitude to your life, your emotions and wants.

02 It signifies the way you feel about your family

03 It is about your attitude toward women.

04 It is your attitude toward men.

05 This shows your approach to solving problems.

06 It is how you choose your sexual partner.

07 It suggests your readiness for marriage and starting a family.

08 This answer mirrors your attitude toward death.

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