This Dentist Travels Around Brazil And Treat The Poor People For Free

A Brazilian dentist, Felipe Rossi’s main job is to ensure smiles stay perfect. His NGO is Por1sorriso NGO and it was formed in 2016. He and his team fix poor people’s teeth for free.

This dentist believes that his life should be dedicated to doing some good for the community and he is a kind Samaritan. His endeavors have led him to places like Kenya and Mozambique rather than Brazil. He mostly visits third world countries and he gives his services free.

One of the patients of this dentist spoke about her life was completely topsy-turvy prior to her getting surgery. She said that she had times when she couldn’t take a proper picture because everyone was cajoling her to smile.

It was such an impediment to her culinary habits according to Rimmer. She couldn’t eat cherries or different forms of salads. Rossi had to remove all of her teeth and bring in bones from a corpse as she has reached such a precarious stage. Even though the surgery was difficult, now she lives very happily.

It took months for her to recover properly as the surgery was so complex. She had to live each day in the utmost pain. She shared about how they had to add implants and screws in her mouth prior to taking off the dentures. Even the medicines that she took led to an upset stomach. She had a difficult time to live a conventionally, and socially normal life.

She is being treated with the respect that she always deserved by the team.

Human beings need to be very particular about their oral hygiene as that can make a difference between living a healthy life, and being prone to diseases. Here are some pictures of how Rossi helped people get on with their lives.

This Brazilian dentist is doing a great job and the world needs more Samaritans like him.

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