This Company Turns Children’s Drawings Into Cuddly Plush Toys

Every child draws from their imaginations to create amazing cartoon characters. They are loving, weird, quirky even sometimes scary. But most of the time they end up in the walls of the house or stored in a box or in the dustbin. But now, there’s someone who creates plush toys for them to keep them with and cuddle. 

When Alex Furmansky saw his sister’s drawings and tucking them in bed, he thought of creating a ‘’forever friend’’ out of her drawings. Alex took one of Michelle’s drawings; Dongler, a dog like creature and created a plush toy. In 2013, Alex founded Budsies and the “first born’’ was Dongler. 

It was a successful company since then. They created Budsies from children’s artwork firstly. Then they create characters in books for authors, sports team mascots including Petsies and Selfies based on photographs of pets and people.

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