5 Things a Man Does If He Wants To Stay By Your Side for the Rest Of Your Life

1. He lets you speaks and he listens and always challenges you whenever necessary

Your man will allow you to speak your mind freely. Girls are known to be talkative. He will listen to all your endless conversations, but will also challenge you when he disagrees strongly believe that you shouldn’t be with someone who’s not going to challenge you and only stays listening to you. If he challenges you back you know that he was listening to you. A perfect man should always be willing to put you in your place if you’re saying things that are a little bit ridiculous. Women should always question their man about his behavior. I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to be with a man who always says yes. A man should always stay beside his woman and show her new some new perspectives to see something and someone who also allows you to speak your mind and be free. Both has to criticize one another in a good way. Where your relationship will be stronger and can express what each other likes and dislikes are.

A man you don’t want:

You: hey babe, shall I wear this short dress?
Him: okay, as you wish.

Your perfect man:

You: Hey babe, Shall I wear this short dress?
Him: are you mad? How can you wear such a short dress to go out? Throw it away. You’re my woman. I don’t want to show off her to anyone.

2. He will also give you some signs to show he loves you

A perfect man will always express their love through actions, not words. Men always say that they love you and women don’t see it, but I consider that always love should be done both ways. Through heart and also through actions. We can’t blame any men because each and every one has different way to express their love. Dr. Gary Chapman has introduced some concepts of love in one of his bestselling books back in 2009 “The five love languages”. As I said earlier each and everyone has their own way to show their love. Some may always say you “I love you”, some may give you compliments such as “You look beautiful today” or address you as “Hey beautiful”. He might also surprise you with gifts and can also show you some physical attention towards to to spend some quality time with his woman. Sometimes they also send you cute text messages just to show how much they love you and how much they miss you which I think is very adorable.

3. He will treat you like a best friend. And like any other best friend, he’ll tease the living sh*t out of you.

Okay everyone has a best friend. Just remember your best friend. How they treat you, talk with you, have fun with you etc. you always want to share everything wih them, almost everything. Like your top secrets. They are also very loyal, lovely and also supportive. There wont be enough words to express about your best friends. The best way to be is your partner is to be like best friends. It is the best formula. You always want your man to be with you all the time. You should feel connected with your partner you should feel he is always there for you, in your good and bad times. 88% of couples consider their partner as their best friend. And you know what it really works. Your man will try to be naughty with you, like pouring cold water on you, messing with your hair or makeup just to annoy you. your guy will start to have plenty of laughs with you making up some funny conversations.

4. He listens to all your your needs…but he’s not a pushover

Having needs are okay as a woman because all women like be be pretty and better than others. As women we all are going to have tons of needs. It is ok, but remember there must be limits for everything. If you ask your man to do a simple task with you. He will be perfectly okay with it and do it with you. If you want to buy something he will buy you (you have to keep in mind that there must be a certain budget you must not go over that). If you want to stretch it a little bit and give a try as woman and said that you want to quit your jobs and live on a top of a mountain having fun (That’s way too much). So, remember everything has a limit. Giving everything you want is not possible there are impossibilities in life. Love is a compromise between both of you never make it one-sided.

5. While he wants to spend the majority of his leisure time with you, he also likes to spend some time away from you.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you must always be together, spend time together etc. of course should should be together, but remember he also must have his own freedom where he can chill out with his friends, have fun with them as well. As women we always love to be with them and to show them how much we love them and I promise they also love that as much as we do. But don’t force them to be with you all time and don’t be too much bossy. Life is a journey and must be spent wisely. This also gives you an opportunity to talk something new. Some new interesting stories about his friends which will bring some freshness to your love life. If not I bet this will be very boring. Have fun, change life styles and explore more together and also part.

Summary :

Just realize that each of you has our own ways of expressing your feelings. And as we know, men and women have their own unique methods of doing so. Science shows that men don’t rate the importance of emotions as highly as women do. So understand that, from the start, knowing that he loves you is on your mind way more than it is his. There are so many reasons why he loves you and despite all the signs he loves you being there, he might hesitate before saying I love you. He might want to make absolutely certain before he makes such an important declaration. He might have been burned in the past and want to take things extra slow. He may be worried about being vulnerable. But no matter what is or isn’t coming out of his mouth, pay attention to his behaviors, because those are the true tells of what he’s feeling. In sum, he’s exactly the type of man you wanted to attract. So be patient! Those words will come. For now, be happy knowing that he’s showing his love in creative ways. Just be with a guy who makes you happy and make you feel special that’s the best way to have a successful relationship.

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