They Make Fun Of Him About The Weight Of His Wife: His Answer Silences The Malevolence

Sharing your life with others inevitably means exposing yourself to their criticism, and this is all the more true today with social networks always ready to invite us to expose our most intimate facts. Thus, it can happen, by sharing snapshots of his relationship with a new partner, to be severely criticized for his choice.

Indeed, social networks are today the outlet for many people who, taking advantage of the guarantee of anonymity represented by a pseudonym, judge and comment aggressively , sometimes going as far as offense. What happened to this Canadian couple has to do with this new evolution of widespread malevolence…


Matt and Brittany Montgomery are two ordinary young people who met and gradually fell in love. What makes their story unique are the diametrically opposite sizes of the two: Brittany is a busty girl, while Matt is the slim type.

They met on Facebook in August 2020 and Brittany was initially hesitant, due to low self-esteem and previous bad experiences with men, which led her to give up on any relationship. “I’ve had relationships where men have told me they’ll leave me if I don’t start a diet or try to lose weight . At some point, I started doing the gym and trying to change my size”, explains the young woman.

But despite the size difference, the two lovebirds quickly hit it off and their story began to take shape, culminating in marriage and the birth of a child.


They don’t hesitate to share photos of their story on social media, where they have an Instagram profile full of content that shows their love, but because of this, they often receive a lot of judgments because of their body difference. . Many comment that Matt isn’t big enough or man enough for his wife , but he doesn’t care: after several negative experiences, when he met Brittany who immediately accepted him wholeheartedly, he realized that he had finally found a soul mate. This is why he decided to react in an exemplary and loving way.

“You are worthy, you deserve infinite love every day and more,” the young man wrote on social media in response to all their detractors. “The way I look and feel about you and the way you look and feel about me is what we need to be,” he continues. The couple continue to share their love, trying to get mixed-weight couples accepted .

It’s probably the best answer he can give to all the gossips, don’t you think?

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