These Hysterical Photos Will Prove That Cats Are Certified Weirdos

I can tell you that these cats are anything but predictable as an owner of about 14 rescue cats. These fur animals have their special quirks and behaviors. They also are doing things that just leave you scratching your head in disbelief. Cats are truly some of the oddest animals in the world. They have a unique sense of humor that’s priceless while they come across as much more serious-minded than our pet dogs. You’re not sure if they are playing around are being completely serious; they are the masters of deadpan humor.

Here are 18 photos of cats caught doing some of the strangest things you’ve seen if you need proof that cats are the masters of weirdness in the animal world.

1 What’s going on up there!?

2. When your cat becomes a CGI character.

3. What the story with this cat’s face?

4. How’s it hanging?

5. He needed to do something to distract his parents from the mess he made.

6. Why are you upside down, human?

7. You wanted to talk?

8. Crouching tiger?

9. Can I…help…you?

10. Wuuut?

11. When you walk in to find your cats plotting to talk over the world and quietly walk right back out…

12. Honestly, At this point, you just stop asking how cats get up anywhere and accept it.

13. Those must be some tasty walls.

14. As if her birthmark wasn’t distracting enough…

15. Wat’s up!!!

16. Best seat in the house

17. This cat boss is always riding his back…

18. Batteries not included.


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