These Dogs Have Hilariously Destroyed a Great Photo by Photobombing

Dogs are really funny when they insist on being in photos.

Animals are really amazing and dogs are the best when it comes to being comedic and downright affable. They’re so happy and it’s really hard to stay mad at dogs. They always want to be loved and they don’t even demand a lot of that. They love us forever and they give us their unconditional love and sometimes also some epic photobombs. We have some of the most hilarious photobombs in the history of photography thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and other social media platforms.

When you’ve got the perfect wedding photo with the best lighting imaginable and yep, there’s a dog right there in front, licking his behind (or worse) to ruin the photo. It can be two dogs, a male and a female, catch the romance bug and decide to start doing doggie romance right in front of everyone.

What are these dogs doing? Playing?

Just enjoying the autumn leaves!

He’s showing them what he thinks of their silly pics.

Not in front of the kids!

Oy. That is all. Just oy.

He looks like he doesn’t want to be there.

This one just wanted to be in on the fun.

Such a big happy boy.

The center of attention!

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