Here are some satirical sketches that are criticizing and expose the ridiculous social ascription with bold humor. These images are full of satire and irony. You’ll also think about the modern world after seeing these images below.

These images illustrate a big part of today’s society and this is the harsh reality.

The artist explains that today’s society is characterized by an intense vanity with these sketches.

The ridiculous social ascription is exposed by the following comics.


Clash of Values

Polluted Sea

The Career Ladder

Falling in Love

Women’s Freedom


Stockholm Syndrome

Gender & Justice

elena ospina

Europe Putting Its Foot Down

Parental Care: Different Worlds, Different Realities


Abortion in Chile

Air Pollution


Almost Married

Arab Dialogue

At the Pharmacy

Being Gay in the Middle East

Continental Drift

Dream of Escape

Equal Opportunity



Free Your Mind


It’s a Man’s World

Justice For All

Karzai & Women’s Rights

Love and Religion