These 8 Types of Men Will Destroy Your Life If You Marry Them

Despite in the movies, there’s no a perfect guy living. A perfect guy is a myth which books and movies use to sell. You need to accept this truth and move on.

The next thing is you should remember that the marriage is not a temporary thing, so you need to do a thorough thinking before you get any decision, as once you’ve taken it, you cannot get away from it. Here are some types that you don’t want.

  1. Men who think of women as an object

There’re some men who are misogynistic and think that women are just sexual objects and women are there only to please the eyes and body. If you get married to someone like this, you’ll be alone forever. All they will want is your physical beauty.

  1. Selfish men

Never choose a selfish man, as they’ll only care about himself. If you be with someone like that, you’ll end up being dissatisfied as he only taking care of him and he’ll not want to make you happy.

  1. Materialistic men

Money and worldly possessions are his priorities. You’ll always have to spend your birthday alone, as he would not cancel meetings to come up for your birthday. He’ll never care about you as money is his first thing.

  1. The men who always want to party

There are also men who don’t get anything serious about their lives and trying to make something out of them. Your life will go haywire if you marry a man who only wants to go to the club and get drunk. He’ll never have a plan for the future.

  1. Ultra-dominating men

Women are always being dominated by men for a long time. But this is not a particularly attractive characteristic. If your man is telling you how to live your life, you’ll have no freedom and you don’t deserve it.

  1. Insecure men

Having a little jealousy is okay, but having too much is a blazing red flag. You always need friends, if your partner doesn’t take your male friends too well, you should save yourself from a toxic relationship and marriage if you were to let him go.

  1. Men who cannot commit

Marriage is all about committing yourself to your partner. Only one partner cannot commit in a relationship. He should be there for you in the good and the bad. If your man doesn’t make you feel he is with you, just let him go.

  1. The one that always jokes

We all need to be funny at some time in a relationship. But he only uses jokes all the time, it is not going to work. You should be able to have real, meaningful conversations with them, without them trying to make a joke out of everything if you are marrying someone. This means that he’s not serious with you and in the relationship.

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