These 20 Emotional Photos Will Prove That Kindness Still Exists

One who knows how to show and to accept kindness will be a friend better than any possession.” – Sophocles

If you simply open your eyes and take time to notice you can find that kindness exists everywhere. Even though the world might seem overwhelmingly negative sometimes, the compassion of humans holds it all together. We would certainly perish without kindness as we need one another to survive.

Even if we are social creatures, we often forget about our reliance on one another in this individualistic society. We cannot survive without one another. The below photos will remind you that. Someone will always care about you even if you feel alone. Keep an open heart to the kindness of humanity as miracles happen when you least expect them.

01 This woman wanted to see her favorite hockey team one last time, and fans made sure her wish came true.

02 A man wanted to take his own life, so these truck drivers lined up side by side in order to save him. Kindness can truly save lives.

03 A random patron at a restaurant decided to foot the bill for someone else’s meal. To sweeten the pot, it turned out it was a birthday lunch!

It is stuff like this humans that makes me still have faith in humans – and to even make it better it was a birthday lunch with wife and baby and no one knew! Thanks anonymous nice person! from r/pics

04 Even though it’s just a dollar, it’s the thought that really counts.

Just a simple thing, but it made day so much better from r/randomactsofkindness

05 This family wanted everyone who passed by to enjoy the fall leaves!

06 Everyone should have someone to eat with on thanksgiving. Well, this restaurant went above and beyond to ensure no one would get left out.

07 In the cold winter months, it’s important to have the proper clothing. This random person showed kindness by making sure as many people as possible stayed warm and cozy.

08 This is how life should be – helping each other survive and spreading kindness everywhere.

09 In a snowy environment, this would be much appreciated by pretty much anyone.

Random Act of Kindness 2015: Neighbor from way down the street snow blowed all of the driveways he could before people had to leave for work. I haven’t even met the gentleman. from r/pics

10 Free wings from the birthday girl. What a nice surprise!

Random Act of Kindness

11 We all need a little shelter from the storms of life from time to time.


A small act of kindness from r/pics

12 Buying coffee for a stranger is always an appreciated act of kindness. Caffeine = happiness.

Random dude just walked up to me to say “we’re doing random acts of kindness and I’m buying you a coffee” … it’s 4:45PM and this is 20oz. from r/pics

13 In exchange for giving a homeless man a place to stay for the night, he cleaned the owner’s car before leaving.

Met a potential new roommate last night via Craigslist and found out he's been living in his truck. Told him he could stay the night especially since it was supposed to snow. Woke up and he was gone but he cleaned off my car before he left. Simple act of k

14 A simple red rose can brighten up anyone’s day. Aren’t humans just amazing?

I had a act of kindness today, a customer gave me a rose just because he loves coming into my store. It really made my day! from r/pics

15 The homeless need our love and kindness just as much as anyone else.

Inspired by Reddit's random act of kindness, I bought this homeless man breakfast, juice and beer. I hopes he's happy when he wakes up.

16 Choose to live in awe of humanity’s potential, and you will be rewarded generously.


The day before I was to take my son camping my bank screwed me over. We left for our trip with just enough cash for gas there and back. But some wonderful strangers paid us a random act of kindness. We found this on our car in the morning. from r/pics

17 Helping humans stay hydrated is definitely an honorable gesture.

Random Act of Kindness in This Crazy Heat

18 “Nearly every time i arrive at this car park (pm) there are always tickets people have left behind after use, valid until the next morning. Small acts of kindness…”

19 Love is the best medicine.

Doctor gives hugs to strangers to cure her fear of cancer.

20 If we all learn to count and look out for each other, we can change the world

Random Act of Kindness, My pregnant wife and I found this on our door after checking on our house at night. No contact info, no name or anything. I want to thank this person and hug them for making us happy.(House flooded from Hurricane Sandy) from r/pics

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