These 15 Illustrations Show What It’s Like To Live With Depression

Depression is the worst situation that even really hard to overcome. Living with depression is just like drowning, you want to come out of the water but you don’t have the energy to do it. you may really looking for home and happiness, but there can be some forces dragging you back down and you don’t have left anyway to overcome. Many people will tell you different things to overcome this, but that doesn’t really work. The depression becomes too much to bear for some people and it claims many lives every year. Many people suffer from this illness every day, and but we only do a little to change or stop this condition.

Here are some comics which can shed some light on what depressed people go through every day. Depression is a situation like a war, but this war hasn’t an end. Share this with your friends and family, if you resonate with these pictures.

Here are 15 illustrations that perfectly capture what depression feels like:

Depression is like a ghost and will haunt you when you least expect it.

You may feel that you are curling up in a safe space away from the world.

In appearance, you’ll look perfect, but you may feel like you could explode.

As a girl suffering from major panic and depression after losing the love of my life, this is how I feel most days. Nobody knows

You’ll feel that you’re holding a heavy weight on your back and it stop you from being happy in life.

You’ll want to hide your depression for people to accept you.

You’ll be happy for a small time and suddenly you are distracted by negative feelings.

You’ll feel that crawling out of your bed is like running a marathon.

You hardly feel like leaving your room as you are up all night because of depression.

This is how your night usually going on.

But, you’ll feel better with sleep than being awake.

Depression also acts like a role of an old friend that never wants to leave you even though you want them to.

You’ll lose all interest about things you did before.

Depression is a vicious cycle that doesn’t has an end and even no escape.

You won’t be able to recognize yourself anymore and hardly remember the person you used to be.

Even though you try to open up to people, they don’t just get it.

We want everyone to be happy and peaceful. We also hope that, if you’re going through depression, you find a way to chase that horrible monster away from your life. This is a really hard condition that no one deserves to live with, if you are suffering with depression get treatments to cure as it’s really hard to live appositive, happy life with this condition. So, don’t be hesitated to ask for help if you’re a depressed person.

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