These 12 Foods Can Be Grown In Plastic Bottles, You Will Have Your Own Garden At Home

Most of us live in big cities, where we have small spaces to live, few people have a large garden to grow their own food.

But it’s not a problem anymore! Today we are going to show you how to grow food in plastic bottles . You can have your own garden in your house without having to have large spaces for it.

What we need:

Plastic bottles

Nails to make holes


Marker, ruler and scissors

Waterproof tape

Lighter or matches (matches)

This is how it’s done:

  1. Make a mark on the bottle where you are going to cut, for example a rectangle on one side of the bottle and small holes where the string will go through.
  1. Cut the bottle and make the holes with the nails.
  1. Take the string you are going to use and cut it into two long strips. Then burn the edges and flatten them.
  1. It’s time to thread the string through the holes in the bottle.
  1. Put a piece of tape on the bottom of the bottle.
  1. Tie two knots: one at the bottom and one at the top.
  1. You have to think about which plant you will plant in your first bottle, in this way you can leave a sufficient height and place the other bottle higher or lower depending on the plant.
  1. Pass the rope to the second bottle.
  1. You can vertically join as many bottles as you need.

Tip : Before adding one bottle on top of another, it’s important to make sure you farm the bottom bottle. This way you can grow your own food in plastic bottles.

These are the plants you can grow in plastic bottles







Green vegetables







– The ropes that connect one bottle to another will be useful for climbing plants.

– You must water the plants with a sprayer and always keep the soil moist.

Do you have any plants grown at home? Tell us in comments.

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