These 10 Adorable Photos Of Baby Elephants Are Treat For The Eyes

As we all know elephants are big in size and very friendly. They are also very joyful and have the ability to express feelings and emotions such as grief, anger, love, compassion and every other feeling in their own way.

Even though they are with a big body, they are very cute, intelligent and have a quick sense of perception. They also have the best kind of team spirit among themselves and well known for their loyalty. The cutest and prettiest of all are the baby elephants or calves.

These baby elephants are about three feet tall and the way they move their trunks after they born are very cute. These little babies are well known for making someone’s bad day with their cutest activities.

Here are a few pictures that illustrate how beautiful these little fussy-headed baby elephants could actually be.

  1. The baby elephant is having a bath with its mother in the water.

The little baby’s trunk peeps out of the mother and its following the mother.  The demarcation made on the animal’s body after they submerged in the water is clearly shown in the picture.

  1. Two baby elephants walking together by tangling their trunks.

The love and affection between the siblings or friends is clears depicts in this picture.

  1. A calf playing in the field with little ducklings, his new friends.

It melts our hearts with the way they play with each other and the how innocent and heavenly the babies look.

  1. A baby who has apparently tumbled down the trunk of a tree.

The picture shows its cute little tush and small pink feet.

  1. An elated calf, playing and enjoying in the waters.

The baby elephant shoot out water through its trunk and it’s really adorable.

  1. The baby is playing hide and seek and it’s the cutest picture of all.

The calf has immersed its head and feet in a tub while only the back along with its tush and tail is visible.

  1. A baby elephant who tries to play with a girl and trying to sit on her lap.

They can feel safe and communicate with people and also share love with them.

  1. A baby elephant trying to drink water through its trunk from a raised water holder.

It’s very cute and surreal how it trying to drink water.

  1. A little calf, trying to get up on the back of another baby elephant.

The fuzzy hair, big lively eyes and cute little trunks of both are very cute.

  1. A baby which follows its mother who has crossed the road already.

The baby runs quickly to catch his mother who is in the other side of the road while a jeep is advancing. The way it runs towards his mother looks amazing.

But it is very dangerous for them to run across the roads which are used for traveling.

They are very cute, smart, kind and innocent, so let’s not harm them. ??

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