There Is A Baby In This Photo — Can You Spot It?

An excellent source of puzzles even with optical illusions is the internet. This picture has gone viral online for some time. Just see the serene picture below and find the hidden baby.

In the below picture, there’s a couple gazing out at a peaceful, inviting lake in a place of solitude. But the couple is not alone there.

There’s a hidden baby somewhere in the picture.

If you don’t see it, don’t worry, everyone cannot see it immediately.

You have to think outside the box if you want to spot the hidden infant. The baby’s position suggests it might still be in the womb.

When comparing to the couple, this baby isn’t at all little, unlike the other babies. You may have seen the baby by now.

Zero in on the strangely-shaped trees if you still don’t see the infant. They form a part of the baby’s body.

Look at the space above the couple’s heads and now look to the right. The misshapen tree trunk forms the baby’s feet.

If you still didn’t see the baby, here is the solution. The hidden baby is outlined in red:

The outline of a baby in the fetal position is created by the tree branches with its feet to the right of the couple’s heads and its back along the bottom of the photo. The picture takes up the majority of the picture as it is so large. You’ll wonder how you missed it before once you’ve spotted the baby.  Same like all other optical illusions you can’t unseen it once you’ve seen it.

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