The World’s ‘Chonkiest’ Cat, BeeJay Is Looking For His Purrfect Forever Home

All cat lovers love cats of all shapes and sizes. And among them, chunky kitties are most adorable. Watching chunky kitties roll on their belly or wag their tails in happiness is the cutest thing we would love to see. Being a bit bigger cat has some challenges. We always try to feed our cats with the highest quality food, but sometimes kitties can put on weight for other reasons such as cats have gained weight shortly after they were fixed. Even overweight cats have increased risk for diseases like diabetes mellitus, cancer, hypertension, and heart disease.

Extra weight lead to osteoarthritis as it can impact their joints. But you can find some naturally big cats within the Maine Coon breed. There are also other breeds that can naturally get pretty big. BeeJay (also known as Mr. B), the tabby, is one of them. This sweet, fluffy, chunky is around 26 pounds, it’s about the weight of a full-sized Maine Coon. This brown and white tabby is twice the size of your average house cat.

The Morris Animal Refuge posted online, “OMG, big boi Mr. B is a CHONK. He’s a chonk of a chonk.”

Chonk is the perfect word!

This kitty is defined by his weight and also got quite a personality. The fine folks at the shelter are hoping that this big cuddly kitty get the purrfect forever home.

 “Adopt this jumbo-sized package of fluff and love, and help this sad-eyed guy find happiness!”

Here’s a news report on BeeJay’s story.


Here’s good news and a bad news for you. The bad news is this big bundle of cuddles has been adopted and you are too late for it. However, the good news is that BeeJay has found his purrfect forever home after over 3,000 applications.

We are so happy that Mr. B finally has the home he deserves.

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