The Way You Sit Reveals Something Deep About Your Personality

We all do and say what we want and they represent ourselves to others. If you know how to read the body language, it speaks a lot about a person.

The way we sit also can say a lot about reveals ourselves. By paying attention to the way someone is sitting, you can assess someone should be approached or not. Here are some common ways we sit and what they reveal about you. Just see the following images and figure out which one you do most often.

Position A

If you sit in this position, you don’t care much about what is going on. You are comfortable and just move on with the life. You are also a bit confident. You are a very friendly person and take everything more casually. We should tell that you are most likely quite approachable.

Position B

This is more ‘formal’ than other positions on this list. This position reveals that you are more closed off and nervous. You are also someone who needs to steady yourself. You are feeling a bit out of place. It is perfectly fine for to sit behind a desk.

Position C

This position reveals about a person who is slacker or bored. You have no idea about what to do and you are also not interested in doing anything. You are also a far more confident than they should be and are very laid back. You are also an unapproachable person.

Position D

This position is a very neutral one and reveals that you are most likely a very useful person. You pay close attention to the things going on. You are a much gentler person than most because of how you are sitting. We also can say that you are a people pleaser.

Position E

If you sit in this position it says that you are a quite soft and gentle person. You pay attention to things than others do not and you are a very organized person. As you are allowing yourselves to be as comfortable as possible you can also be taken as flirtatious depending on the conversation.

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