The Top 10 Regrets Of The Dying

As we are still children, we don’t think much of the end of our lives. We just have to think about what will mother cooks for dinner, which show we’ll watch in TV, what food we’ll like most. We don’t think about death, because we know that we have more time. As we getting older, the feeling of death enters to our lives. Still, we don’t think much about the death as we have more time left. We just live our lives on the basis of denial by denying our inevitable fate, and gamble while thinking we have more time to achieve our dreams. Even though we’ve only really got today, we all live with the hopes of seeing tomorrow.

This is not to scare or depress anyone, but to awaken your dreams to fulfill NOW, not later. So that, you won’t have any regrets.

10 Common Regrets People Have At The End Of Their Life

  1. “I Wish I Lived For Myself More”

According to a Palliative nurse from Australia called Bronnie Ware, many of her dying patients listed this as their biggest regret. She has taken care of patients in their last three to twelve weeks of life and discovered many stories and confessions from them all. They all have found peace before their death, she also wrote a bestselling novel about “The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying” listening to their regrets.

In the book, she has written that many of her patients had not achieved even half of their dreams, and this caused them to regret before the end of their life. Even though they had to knock other things off their bucket list, they had to die knowing they still had dreams. Don’t die with the dreams still in your heart. Live life as the way you want, without waiting for someone’s permission. Achieve your dreams before you die.

  1. “I Wish I Didn’t Work So Hard.”

According to Ware, this regret came in at number two, based on how often she heard people say this. We all work hard in today’s world to reach goals, some achievements, some number in our bank account. This means we have security and pride knowing that we can afford some things or have a specific title. But, as humans, we need more than that. We blossom on emotional connection and love which require other people.

In the end, you won’t remember how much money you earned or how far you got in your career, but the relationships you’ve made and how they impact on your life. You’ll only remember the memories you’ve made with others and the laughs you had. We need money to survive, but don’t forget to make relationships and a life outside the job.

  1. “I Wish I Didn’t Hold Back My Feelings.”

As for the third on Ware’s list, the patients regretted holding back their feelings. Because they wanted to keep the peace, they settled for repressing their feelings. So, this leads to a narrowed and very abhorrent existence. If you have an issue with someone and you choose not to voice it, this bottled up feelings can lead you to mental and physical illness.

Always speaks your truth, even you’re afraid and voice shakes. You’ll lose friends and relationships, but still, say how you feel. Even though you lose someone, but still no person on the Earth is worth to hold back your feelings. This will only haunt you at the end of your life.

  1. “I Wish I Stayed In Touch.”

In the end, people also regretted losing touch with friends. They wished they had put more effort into keeping touch with friends as they missed their companionships. Friends won’t be with you all the time. If you miss someone, try to get back to them with social media or from some other communication form. They probably miss you too, so they would love to hear from you. Good friends help us to get through life and they are with us through the ups and downs. Even though life takes you to different directions, it doesn’t have to isolate you from your friends. You can chat with them and you won’t regret reaching out.

  1. “I Wish I Was Happier.”

We think that outside forces control our emotions, but actually, the key to emotional control lies within us. We aren’t the one who decides what happens to us, but we can choose how to react to it. Our lives run so fast and it’s useless to spend it finding things to complain about. While happiness cost nothing, keeps you healthier, makes life more joyful and fulfilling, attracts more relationships and etc, unhappiness costs more in long run and leads you to serious illnesses. When we are happy, our mental, physical, emotional health is doing well. If you want to be happy, start changing how you look at the things.

  1. “I Wish I Cared Less Of What Others Think.”

Don’t care so much about the opinions of others. Normally, people don’t think about you as you like to think, so don’t worry so much. Other people don’t fixate on how you live and the decisions you make. No matter what other says, live in your truth and don’t worry about the things what others think.

Live happily, simply and authentically and do what is right for you and make yourself happy.

  1. “I Wish I Didn’t Worry So Much.”

In our lives, we spend a lot on worrying. Even though you’re a mom, dad, son, daughter, student, banker, farmer or anything, you have something to worry about. Don’t let this world take over your life, let the heaviness of the burden drag you down. Release these worries and realize that this world worries far too much.

At the end of the life, it does not really matter about the unpaid bills and debts, what other people think of you, how much money you have, and everything about you worries. The fleeting nature of our life could help us to shed our worries immediately, but, we don’t have any idea of how time flies until we wake up as being old. Then we can see how little those worries are. But, you can understand the truth NOW. Try not to be a worrier, but a warrior.

  1. “I Wish I Took Better Care Of Myself.”

If you’re unhealthy, you’ve nothing. So, you should look after yourself. Someone has to take care of yourself if you’re not taking care of yourself and you’ve left no freedom. You can always take care of your illnesses and ailments. You only have one body, mind and spirit, so take care of all of them now to live a happy and healthier in your older days.

  1. “I Wish I Didn’t Take Life For Granted.”

Many people take their lives for granted and don’t thank for the things they have got and the little things around them that make up their surroundings.  We should appreciate all the things such as the bees that pollinate the foods we eat, the plants that provide us with sustenance, the air we breathe that gives us oxygen, the water we drink that keeps us hydrated, the sun that shines down on us and gives us life. Maybe you don’t have much in life, but be thankful for every single thing you’ve got.

Always have an attitude of gratitude and it will come back to you.

  1. “I Wish I Lived In The Now.”

We all have the issues with living in the NOW. We live in the past and wish we could bring it back or we long for a future that hasn’t happened yet. We are not truly experiencing NOW, we live out of alignment with the present. We’re just experiencing in our moments’ memory or imaginations and we’re not experiencing the moments which are unfolding right before our eyes.

One day, you won’t have any more present moments left to experience. You won’t have road trips to go on, or mountains to climb, or children to kiss goodnight, or a partner to cuddle with. One day you’ll regret that you’ve not enjoyed the present. No matter your age, you can choose to live right now. Say no to regrets and say yes to achieve your destiny.

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