The Love Of Your Life Will Only Come After The Mistake Of Your Life

Our lives can be shaped by our mistakes.

We may need to be broken to become complete and to enlighten our lives.

The painful love is the worst love and the worst kind of separation. In this kind of relationship, we give everything and still, the other person doesn’t want to meet us halfway.

Then we split into millions of tiny parts and wonder why we couldn’t understand it in the beginning. There are red flags, but they can be seen only if someone wants to see them.

We all make mistakes in our lives at least once. We choose the wrong people to our lives and desperately try to correct them. That’s because there’s a lesson to learn and we are still not ready for real love.

The most painful experiences draw the most valuable lessons.

This mistake may teach us who we are, who we love and what hurts us. Even though we did not want this love to end, maybe everything was meant for it.

And we may need to break our hearts to prepare ourselves for the love of our lives.

We should leave long a toxic relationship before it inevitably degenerates and breaks our hearts.

But we could not let it go for some reason, because everything should be done and we can learn what true love really is.

We may try a lot to make things work again, but they never work as that is how they are meant to be.

Those relationships goal was to shake us up, to make us so desperate and make us out of control, so we need to end up this relationship.

Healing takes a lot of time, energy and willpower and it’s not a nocturnal process. We will want to get away from all the toxicity that surrounds us and become much stronger.

You need to have the power to love someone, and also leave your head up as you deserve better. We expect to be healed and have good health with the relationship.

There will be no questions, no drama, no sleepless nights when we meet our true love.  You’ll feel calm and caring. And this true love will show us why all our previous relationships have failed.

All the bad relationship or experiences was the path of the person who was destined for us.

True love will bring us to greatness and makes them real and brings the best to the surface.

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