The 5-Minute Yoga Routine That Can Help Restore Thyroid Levels

Yoga has been very expensive across the U.S. throughout the last decade. You must simply understand that doing expensive yoga’s can’t make you healthier or better to reap the benefits of this simple practice.

As we all are aware that yoga was originated in ancient India. It is not just a physical exercise, but a spiritual and mental discipline too. Yoga is widely used by Hindu groups and Buddhist groups for meditation and is also used as a form of prayer.

In recent years, we have seen that the Western world concerns more about physical perfections and adopts yoga as a means of making a profit through marketing this discipline as exercise trend.

Is yoga worth all the hype?

Many studies have shown mental and physical effects of Yoga, but there is no proper answer yet. Many health experts suggest that’s a person can improve their psychological state and also has the ability to minimize health risk factors.

One of the most important organ Thyroid has been proved to be balanced out by practicing the Asana Yoga. Well, there are many other poses, but this the best to maintain the thyroid balance.

Thyroid being the utmost important organ for the overall health as it plays an important role in the immune system which responds to stress. It also determines the effect that toxic chemicals have on every single organ in the body.

As we all live in a world full of toxic chemicals and thyroid being prone to be imbalanced. There is always a good news with a bad news. Good news is that you can balance out your thyroid simple with yoga possess shown below. Now you don’t have to use a wide range of drugs which will lead to a wide range of side effects.

1.Sarvanga Asana

The body maintains a still posture through the Sarvanga Asana. This is one of the best yoga positions when it comes to invigorating the thyroid and reversing blood circulation. As the body is in an upside down position, the pressure on the nervous system helps to activate your pineal glands and pituitary gland.


  1. First, you have to lay on your back with the legs straight out
  2. Bring the legs up towards the ceiling, keeping them together
  3. Lift the hips off the ground, keeping the palms on the lower back
  4. Straighten the legs and keep the elbows on the ground
  5. At this point, the thyroid will be pressed towards the chin
  6. Keep a stable vertical line and avoid swaying front or back

2.Matsya Asana

This position helps you to boost thyroid function in seconds and is extremely beneficial. This also helps you to positively affect the nervous system too.


  1. You must first lay on the back or keep a dorsal position
  2. Then, Get into lotus position by crossing the right leg over the left and vice versa
  3. Finally, Raise the back off the ground and put the head on the ground to form an arc with the back

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