Teacher Makes Students Wear ‘anti-cheat’ Hats During Test

From time to time, it may happen to come to school without having studied. In the event that there is no control or test, this may go unnoticed.

Problems arise when one comes to school or university without having studied for the written test. In this case, there is unfortunately only one solution: cheat. As soon as the bell rings, the conquest of places begins, everyone tries to sit next to the best in class, so that they can take a look at their sheets. The hope being that the teacher doesn’t notice.

This teacher seems to have found an ingenious method to prevent her students from looking at their neighbor’s sheet: she has made anti-cheating hats. What does it consist on ?

Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz is a lecturer in mechanical engineering at Bicol University College of Engineering, Philippines. In her many years of teaching, she has seen many students cheat, but most importantly she has noticed that there are many ways to avoid getting caught. It is for this reason that she devised a scheme preventing all the students from looking at each other’s proofs. This was made possible thanks to anti-cheat hats.

There is not just one type of hat, but different “models” whose sole purpose is to deprive students of their peripheral vision. Doing so, the only way to peek at the comrade’s sheet is to turn your head completely away, in which case one is discovered. In addition, each time you move your neck, they make a lot of noise, which awakens and attracts the teacher’s attention.

This is not the first time such a method has been used to prevent a student from copying. The idea was born in Thailand, where students were doing their test wearing blinders.

The teacher explained that this has significantly reduced the number of students caught cheating, but above all improved test results. Students knowing that it is impossible to peek into other people’s homework put much more effort into their studies, relying only on their own abilities.

Have you ever cheated on a written exam?

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