The Tallest Bird Sculpture In The World Was Created By An Artist And He Spent 10 Years For It (200ft)

India is one of the countries you should visit in your lifetime.

India is full of extraordinary cuisine, mind-blowing history and sacred temples that are rich with culture.

Here is another reason to visit that magical country. That is a mind-blowing statue of an eagle, bringing an old myth back to life.

The famous filmmaker Rajiv Anchal is the person who created this.

After 10 years of hard work, Rajiv has opened the landmark to the public.

It is created near Kerala, Jatayu Earth Centre and now it has become one of the best places to visit while you are traveling through India.

The sculpture is dedicated to the Hindu epic Ramayana.

According to what written in Sanskrit, the Ramayana epic tells the story of a giant eagle of the Ramayana who fell from the skies while battling against Ravana, in order to save the Hindu goddess Sita. The people live in Chadayamangalam village in Kollam district, Kerala tell the story, knowing it from their childhoods.

This is currently the biggest bird in the world.

In India, there are plenty of other interests in the area such as rock climbing, rappelling and rifle shooting with an Ayurvedic resort nearby as well as a museum within close proximity.

It’s the biggest sculpture of a bird in the world. The sculpture stretches 200ft from tail to head and is built on top of the 1,000ft-high Jatayupara towers.

Rajiv Anchal had this idea for longer than 10 years. “I had presented a model for this sculpture to the Department of Tourism during my Fine Arts College days in the 1980s. Although they were impressed, it didn’t take shape back then.”

The sculpture should not be turned from a cultural attraction to a religious one according to him, “Jatayu died protecting a woman’s honor and that is what the sculpture stands for. People of all faiths have invested in the project and people of all faiths will be coming to see it. My work is for all of them. For those looking for religion, there is the old temple just outside the compound.”

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