Staying At Home With Kids Is HARDER Than Going To Work

A recent survey illustrated that many mothers believe that staying home with kids is much harder than going to work. For new parents, this is very true. Couples who became new parents believe that staying at home was much harder than working according to the nationwide survey.

Staying at Home Is Harder Than a Day Job

31% of parents agreed that staying at home was harder than working according to the recent study. Another 55% of parents believed that having a baby is also hard work. According to another 20%, it was really difficult. The answers were given without any support the parents had.

Some of new mothers said that they couldn’t manage to look after their baby without their own mother’s support. Just only a quarter of mothers said that it was easy to look after their baby.

Baby Wipes Are Vital for New Parents

In this new survey which was given by AVEENO Baby, they discovered that less than half of parents thought that having a family was a perfect experience. According to 41 % of parents, the baby wipes were extremely important and not to be underestimated.

Becoming a parent is an exciting, rewarding experience, it is also exceptionally challenging. But, these findings will be unsurprising to anyone who has been a parent. You should care about the food you’re giving to the child and what would you do when your child is sick. You have to worry if other new parents are judging your choices. Every decision you take should be carefully thought.

Love Makes It All Worthwhile

It is a definitely worthwhile experience having a baby even though it’s harder than a full-time job. 42% of respondents of the survey said that it was the first time they experienced unconditional love. All of the work suddenly seems worth the effort when you love someone like that.

Do you think that looking after a child is harder than going to work? Share your ideas with us. 

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