Stay Single Until You Meet Someone That Gives a Shit about You!

Staying alone until you meet the right person is not a bad thing at all. You must learn to have patience unless to meet your better half. It’s better to wait rather than ending up in bad relationships. Being single is never a curse or scary, it’s that you’re waiting for a miracle to happen in your life. It’s one of the best things that can happen in life.

It’s very much better than having so many shitty dates and you unfortunately lose hope and faith in love. I am sure, that you don’t want that to happen.  Everyone deserve a happy ending in life. When you’re single you must be confidence and comfortable with yourself.  Sometimes you get into a useless relationship where your partner doesn’t know your name properly. Think twice before you make any decision. You don’t have to be in a rush.

You shouldn’t get worked up or stressed about being single, since there’s no reason for that at all. Take your time to understand people, their characteristics, and their behavior which can be useful in future. When you get into a relationship, your partner must be happy to have you in his/her life. They must never make numerous excuses to meet you, they must be super excited to see you all the time. You must get butterflies in your stomach whenever you see them. All your dates must be like the first one. New, refreshing, excited and happy.

Your better half must be proud to have you in their life. They must be proud as hell to show you off to everyone he knows. He must treat you as a princess. You must never beg attention from someone. If he/she truly loves you all the other things will happen automatically in your life. You should have patient until you get the person who will pay attention to you as much as possible.

You must wait until you get the person who has no patience at all when it comes to see you. They should not be able to control themselves. It’s like a craving to see your loved one. It means they love you immensely, have patience and find the right person. A person who deserves and feels happy to have you. You should find someone that cannot wait to see you in an “I miss you so badly” way. Being with a person that manipulates you and controls you isn’t good. You should have freedom in your life.

Your partner must miss you often and must be a person who wishes you to be around them. Your partner must not need you only when they are drunk and lonely. Then do they love you really? Or are they having a good time pass with you? They should not forget that you exist for them, you are waiting for them to miss you too. You can’t clap with one hand that’s not practical at all.

Be alone until you meet a person that’s proud of you, that does want you to be better than them and feel better, that does want to help you to get there, and that must inspire you to be with someone. You should always stay single until you find a person who thinks that you are the priority and not an option.

You need to be alone until you meet someone that does make you feel good in your own skin and erase your insecurities. Your life will be beautiful when you meet your perfect half. Life has something massive ready for you. Wait for it!

So, don’t get into a relationship until you find someone that does give a shit about you

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