People Are Inventing Their Own Sports During Quarantine

Sports ceased to exist because of the world hunkered down during the coronavirus quarantine.

Each and every sporting event has been canceled. All the die-hard sports fans were suddenly cut off from the daily commentary, recaps, and games they love so much. Not only that, but even pro athletes are also self-isolating at the moment.

People around the world have been inventing their own games and other unique ways to exercise during self-isolation. Here are some of the creative games they’ve found.

01.Robotic Vacuum Curling

This is really brilliant.

02.In Spain, these guys are playing table tennis (minus the table) while maintaining a safe distance.

What will happen when they drop the ball?

03.Indoor Parkour, anyone?

You can try it if you want.  

04.Squirrel Obstacle Course

You can do this if you already got a tame squirrel.

05.Why play X-Box when you can play with your X-Box?

06.We can hear the Olympic theme song from here!

He gets a perfect 10 from all the judges.

07.Does finding a new Doritos-delivery system count?

We’re going with yes.

08.Traffic Pac-Man

Do it, if it makes you happy.

09.Epic in-home dominoes

The cat almost ruins it, but winds up making it even better!

ESPN8, The Ocho, is here to help!

The real ESPN transforming themselves into a real-life Ocho for 24 glorious hours while having some fun during quarantine. Fans of the movie “Dodgeball” may recall that ESPN8 is the fictional obscure sports channel that televised their tournament.

Last but not least, what’s an out-of-work sports announcer doing during quarantine?

People have start thinking outside the box. Attitude is everything, both in sports and in life. It says that we don’t need professional sports or a fancy gym to have fun.

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