Spam Caller Will Never Call Again For One Simple Reason.

Everyone faces challenges, regardless of who they are. One common annoyance is receiving scam phone calls.

Some individuals receive these calls occasionally, while others receive them frequently throughout the day. Regardless of the situation, it is unpleasant and most of us desire a permanent solution to handle them.

Everyone has their own way of handling such situations. Some individuals choose to ignore the calls, while others answer the phone and firmly ask them to stop calling.

Next, we have the man featured in the video. He receives spam calls frequently, but he has a successful method for handling them.

Roy L Baker Jr possesses a voice as velvety as butter, which he skillfully employs to deter spam callers. Once you watch his TikTok video, you’ll understand the reason behind his remarkable talent.

Listen to the call and see how he responds here.

@1roy_jr CIA Fraud Division Coming to a dial tone near you #fyp #foryou #myroyvoice #scam #extendedwarranty #stopcallin #deepvoice #prankwars #comedy #funny ♬ CIA Fraud Division – One Roy

After posting it on TikTok, the video became extremely popular. Many people were curious about the calls and its effectiveness, while some believed that it would only be successful if they had the same voice as the person in the video.

I have to be honest, his voice might be suitable for some, but not for everyone. In the original video, there was background music playing. Someone requested to have the music removed so they could record and use it.

He gladly agreed and now anyone can watch this video to learn the same technique.

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