Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Serious Diseases

If you are a sleep derivate person, you should know that there are at least 6 diseases can be caused. Sleep is something really important. During the sleep, your body repairs and grows the cells and other activities. It also restores your energy and nutrients.

It can also balance the hormones and support immunity while supporting the memory. If you are lack of sleep, it can cause you to be cranky, groggy, more forgetful and less focused.

Diseases caused by sleep deprivation:

Alzheimer’s disease

When you sleep, it removes the waste from the brain cells and to repair the structures and if you don’t sleep, some brain conditions might happen such as dementia and cognitive decline.

According to some researchers did in 2013, lack of sleep can cause Alzheimer’s.

There were seventy adults between the age of fifty-three and ninety-one for the research. People who slept less had more beta-amyloid depositions in the brains on PET scan.

This is one of the Alzheimer’s markers.

Diabetes and obesity

Chicago University researchers proved that lack of sleep is connected to diabetes and obesity.

When you are having a poor sleep, fatty acid buildups and they have an impact on the metabolism and the sensitivity on insulin.

Cardiovascular diseases

The regulation of the cardiovascular system should have the balanced diet, lifestyle and sleep.

Lack of sleep give 2.6 times bigger risk of heart attack, myocardial infarction to people.


Mental problems can be caused by the lack of sleep.

According to studies, suicide is linked to poor sleep.

Chronic lack of sleep is also connected to 1.4 times bigger risk of committing a suicide.

Ulcerative Colitis

This inflammatory bowel disease is characterized by ulcers in the digestive tract. Lack of sleep and Crohn’s are linked to lack of sleep.

Prostate Cancers

A study was published by the Journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkes and Prevention which proves that sleep can protect the prostate.

The study followed 2,425 Icelandic that were 67 to 96 years old for three-seven years and examined the sleeping pattern. The study proved that the males who had trouble to sleep were sixty percents more likely to get prostate cancer and males who had trouble to stay asleep had been nearly a hundred and twenty percents more likely to get the disease. These people also have experienced a more aggressive form of the prostate cancer on average.

According to these researchers, this type of cancer is affected by the melatonin – the sleep hormone. The higher level of melatonin suppresses the growth of tumor too.

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