She No Longer Uses Toilet Paper: She Says She Has Found A Better Alternative

Contemporary society, over time, is becoming more and more environmentally conscious. We realized that we have to be careful with all the behaviors we have, because they can have a significant impact on nature. It is precisely for this reason that everything is done to reduce waste to zero. Some influencers share on their social networks the tips they use to limit waste.

The woman in this story has decided to stop using toilet paper because it produces a lot of waste, and she thinks her alternative is better for the environment . Let’s see what it’s all about.

Ali, known on social media as tiny_waste, shares videos daily in which she explains how to minimize waste and waste. In this way, the environment can be protected and preserved. In different videos, she explained her idea to stop using toilet paper and replace it with what she calls ” family fabric “, i.e. pieces of fabric cut from old pajamas.

“When I heard the term ‘family cloth’, I was terrified that everyone would think it was just a piece of cloth hanging on a hook near the toilet. In fact, this is nothing more than a simple cloth toilet paper . When I use the toilet, I let the bidet do the heavy lifting. Then I dry myself off with a clean cloth towel and put it in a basket, which ends up going to the laundry. No fabric is ever used for multiple times without being washed first, that would be disgusting.”

However, not everyone in the family agrees with her method: her husband has decided to continue using toilet paper.

The topic prompted many people to speak up and comment. There are those who think that it is unhygienic and that it is better to continue using toilet paper, but there are also those who are extremely puzzled by this choice. “I don’t think it’s a good choice”, “it doesn’t make sense to give up toilet paper” or “for us women, it may be the best choice, it seems really soft” .

And you what do you think ?

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