She Becomes Pregnant At 62 After Her Husband Had A Vasectomy

As a rule, for a woman, long after the age of 40, the possibility of getting pregnant becomes less likely due to the approach of menopause. Each person is different and the time is not the same for all, but the fact is that the fertile period, for the female sex, has an expiration date. However, an American woman received an unexpected gift: Although she was over 60 and her husband had had a vasectomy, she discovered that she was expecting her third child . An event that is almost miraculous, considering that she had already been in menopause for a good sixteen years.

Jenny, from Portland, Oregon, was 62 when she found out she was pregnant again by her husband, 72, who had had a vasectomy. Moreover, the woman was already sixteen years past menopause at the time of conception, which made this pregnancy a truly incredible event. The woman, who became the mother of a “miracle child”, as she was inevitably dubbed, shared her experience on social media, which earned her a great following.

Responding to a user’s question, she said, “My husband had a vasectomy sixteen years ago and I haven’t had my period since then either. So it really is a miracle.” However, there was no shortage of critics: many accused Jenny of being too “old” to become a mother again. On the other hand, her husband received many praises.


“After commenting on the fact that I got pregnant at 62, it’s surprising that no one bothered to ask my husband’s age. He, in any case, gets a warm handshake when people learn that we are expecting a baby.” The compliments given to the man are mainly due to the fact that he does not show his age at all.

Jenny also said she had experienced all the typical pregnancy symptoms she had now forgotten, including nausea, kicking and fear of childbirth. Many pregnant women over the age of 40 have expressed their support for her, thus proving that one can become a mother even at an advanced age. Everything went smoothly and the delivery was peaceful, despite the increased risks due to the fact that the woman was 62 years old.

As Jenny said, “if it’s meant to happen, it will happen”. Do you agree ?

Source used:

 Daily Mail

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