Seven Exercises That Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

You could be the most positive thinker, but someday there are certain things happen to drain your energy such as negative people and everyday distractions. But, here are some tips in order to learn how to remain positive even during hard times.

Try these 7 tips to help train your brain to stay positive:

Daily Gratitude

Have a diary, journal or your phone next to your bed each night and when you wake up each morning, write down at least three things you’re grateful for. Write down anything positive as they all need at least a little thank you from your soul. The things we’re grateful for will expand when attention is focused on gratitude.

If you had to face with something that’s difficult to think, be grateful for you woke up today.

Stay Centered

You can keep yourself from being derailed by negative energy that tries to consume your confident, positive attitude by staying centered throughout the day. Activities such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing, walking in nature will help you to find balance. Your soul is allowed to speak when your mind ceases. It will bring you an unshakable spirit that will surely help you stay positive when the calming energy produced from a good centering exercise surrounds the body.

Stay Active

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”, this couldn’t be truer. Negative energy is powerless when the mind is focused on completing the day’s schedule successfully. Now you may ask “but what about the external shocks from other people or experiences that go sour?” There are many things that can happen when you stay active and positive. But, when you stay active and centered, you can stay positive throughout.

Eat, Drink Well and Sleep Well

As we all know our intake of food, water, and sleep can greatly affect our mood and mental health. According to a study, just vitamin deficiencies alone can cause declines in mental health that can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and other psychological disorders. And in case of sleep, when people are sleep deprived, they feel more irritable, angry and hostile. But you’ll be feeling happier, friendlier, and more refreshed each day if you sleep tight rather than stay up all night and. Try these simple things such as eat whole foods, drink lots of water, and sleep 8 hours or more as often as you can to have a big difference.

Help Others

If you can help others stay positive, you also can stay positive throughout the day. When someone is down, don’t make their negative energy in fear spread into you.  Help shine the light to brighten their day with your positive mindset. Once you’ve created a ripple effect and multiplied the positive energy in your environment, this energy will return to you tenfold.

Subconscious Re-training and Inner Healing Work

If we can uncover and release the past negative experience trapped on the inside we can have a positive experience on the outside. You can start with exercises such as trapping, affirmations, NLP and mirror work. The wounds from our childhood, bad relationships and traumatic experience can be healed from the journey of discovery from within and is showered by love and positive energy. By doing this, you can a true positive mindset without façade and maintain a moving life.

Follow Your Passion

Do what you love, so it will show you the path to stay positive throughout each day. Just switch it up if your job or hobby involves something that makes you feel guilty, or something that takes you further from where you desire to be in life. Write three positive desires you’d like to achieve and compare this to your current lifestyle and see how they match. One of the most important aspects of staying positive throughout life is being in alignment with what your soul calls for is. It will make it a whole lot easier.

You can retain your brain to stay positive through any challenge and live a life you desire by practicing these 7 exercises.

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