Sarcastic Illustrations Of Today’s Problems By Gunduz Agayev

Gunduz Aghayev, a cartoonist who has created several series of illustrations, tried to show issues of today’s society that are still noticeable even after centuries and have not been solved yet.

  1. The escape

Escape from Madagascar characters.

  1. The brain goes for a toss

TV turns us into zombies with shit for brains.

  1. Make America great again

Funny that lady Liberty is outside the wall

  1. Discrimination

Love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints

  1. Bravery applauded

This image shows that many of the same people that commend the fallen soldiers for their bravery would be the first to be total monsters toward them for loving each other, therefore military status be damned.

  1. Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve trying to escape all the religious dogma.

  1. Social media

Facebook is the Pied Piper entrancing the masses.

  1. Evil mind

This depicts that an evil man is broken with a broken mind even all the cracks in his body. On the western world, the evil doer has been promising several virgins if he commits the act of terror.

  1. Being enslaved

It is said that the sweatshop workers being enslaved by things like fidget spinners, not humanity and its fads.

  1. What kind of a person

At least they didn’t force him to dig his own.

  1. Mainstream dislike

It’s about mainstream’s dislike of artistic expression using tattoos and the resulting instinct to want to destroy those people

  1. Sofia citizenship

In Saudi Arabia, Sofia is an actual robot AI that’s gained citizenship. There is red around the Saudi’s neck, meaning it has damaged part of him to eliminate Sophia. She wasn’t the one that suffered as there was no trace from her “body”.

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